Who we are, our history

Cable Energía is a sustainable infrastructure company focused on electromobility and renewable energy. Based in Seville, Spain, the project started in 2018 co-funded by Ignacio López and Jesús Nieto, two engineers with extensive international experience in energy markets and infrastructure.

Cable was created with the firm belief of helping people to transition towards electric vehicles by transforming the fields of transportation and energy. Cable aspires to become one of the largest aggregators of flexible energy demand on the Iberian Peninsula, positioning itself with differentiated and innovative solutions.

At Cable we want to contribute to a decarbonised economy, and being part of the transition to sustainable mobility.

For this reason, our aim is to create a network of strategic locations, distributed throughout Spain and Portugal, which will allow us to maximise profits and make services more flexible, favouring the sustainable development goals.

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👉🏻 What do we believe in?

At Cable we believe that a world powered by clean energy used efficiently and wisely is possible. Therefore, Cable Energía's MISSION is to enable the transition to sustainable mobility, helping people to embrace electric mobility in transport, and renewable energy as a source of supply.

⚡️ What are our goals?

The objective we are working towards is to create a network of strategic locations that are distributed throughout Spain and Portugal. We aspire to become one of the largest aggregators of flexible energy demand in both countries and a reference within the electric mobility and renewable energy market.

🚀 100% innovative DNA

One of the fundamental pillars on which Cable is built is innovation. In a sector with so many possibilities for growth, it is essential to carry out continuous research, use the best technologies and commit to disruptive projects that serve to create new options that favour the transition towards a more sustainable world.


Cable, as a company, is nothing without the team that supports it. That is why our company is built upon a mix of qualified professionals committed to the project and our vision.

As part of our business culture, we believe that it is necessary to have a strong team working together, immersed in a fast-forward working environment for personal and professional growth.

Furthermore, Cable since its inception, it is committed to train and create opportunities for young professionals, as we believe in the potential and talent of the new generations.

Management Team
Ignacio López
Jesus Nieto

Cable Team

javier roman
Andres Afan
Julia Martínez-Mejías
cristina cosano
Sara Suárez
Celia Robles López
Julia Gamez
Julia Gamez
María del Mar
Genaro Gil


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