Cable in Fuerteventura

As we explained in another post, at Cable Energía we started our deployment in the Canary Islands a few months ago. The project promoted by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, which we are implementing on the island, is currently waiting to be connected. This last step, which depends on the local technical management contracted by the Cabildo, will presumably take place in the next two weeks.

The work on the two new fast charging stations on the island of Fuerteventura is progressing at a good pace and is only pending the aesthetic completion of the project (painting of the parking spaces and placement of signage).

These two fast charging stations located in the municipalities of El Cotillo and Betancuria will boost electric mobility on the island and therefore reduce CO2 emissions in this natural paradise.

This project brings Fuerteventura closer to its goal of having the island completely connected by charging points, so that it is no longer necessary to use means of transport that endanger its biodiversity.

The project has been carried out under the direction and supervision of Cable Energia and using local personnel which, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of the project, has enabled the local economy of the island to be boosted.