Innovation is an essential part of our company’s DNA, which is why Cable continuously innovates, evolves and generates high-level knowledge to stay ahead of the competition in all possible fields, positioning us as the most reliable, flexible, fast and, cutting-edge energy mobility company in the market

Control Room and APP

By an agreement with a state-of-the-art control centre provider, CABLE is able to manage a large real-time control room, with the latest communications and interoperability technologies, and the inclusion of in-house V2X modules.This positions us ahead of any other control room operated within the territory.

In addition, we have our own App available to EV users, which allows them to have a quick and easy user experience. It is valid for both Android and iOS users.

cargador unete al cable

We want to be at your fingertips, so we have developed our own App that gives you access to our network of chargers.

Cable Energia
Cable Energia
Cable Energia

Energy Management System (EMS)

Together with Envision Digital, we have developed a customized solution that provides us the capability of operating a high-end energy management system. This is essential to maximise the return on our investments.

With this tool we can:


A clear example of the functioning of this energy management system is the innovation project developed at the Galia Puerto office campus in Seville.

This project consists on designing, installing and managing an optimised microgrid that will be connected to the electricity network. This microgrid will be managed through a smart management system that will optimise the economic performance of the installation and the quality of the network, reducing power peaks.

These are the elements of the project:

  • A 116 kW photovoltaic plant that is installed on the roofs of the office complex.

  • Batteries that allow the accumulation of surpluses when the photovoltaic power generated is greater than the consumption of the complex, so that this power can be consumed at key moments. For example, to avoid exceeding the contracted power consumption, using the accumulated power at times when the energy demand is higher.

  • Three electric vehicle chargers. A double 22kW charger, that allows payment by card or through our App, which is already in operation, and two research chargers with V2G technology, that allow the vehicle to be recharged, but also to give power to the network.

This project is a pioneer in Spain

And will make the Galia Puerto complex the most sustainable in the country.
Cable EnergiaProyecto Galia
Proyecto GaliaProyecto Galia
Proyecto GaliaProyecto Galia
Proyecto GaliaProyecto Galia
Proyecto GaliaProyecto Galia
Proyecto GaliaProyecto Galia

Using the Cable chargers is as easy as downloading our App and locating a charging point!