At Cable we are in charge of managing assets and infrastructures, as one of our lines of business is to act as Asset Managers. We offer personalised services that improve the value of the investment

We can manage both loading points and photovoltaic plants and microgrids. Our activity as Asset Managers is focused on two main lines:

Technical Asset Management:

  • Optimisation of asset performance
  • Technical visits and inspections
  • Optimisation of performance strategies
  • Assessment of risks and opportunities
  • Retrofit of business cases and viability

Data monitoring and analysis:

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Performance reporting
  • Error and trend detection
  • Review of the project KPI’s
  • Calculation of energy gains/losses

Loading point management

At Cable we take care of the management of the charging infra in an efficient and intelligent way. This is possible thanks to our own control centre and the mobile application. These tools allow us to manage the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

This control centre has an API to integrate the management of chargers with third party systems. It also allows one to configure all the necessary parameters to get the most out of the charger control:

  • Energy balance according to the building’s consumption, to avoid cost overruns

  • Statistics tailored to the operator/customer: graphs and reports such as charger status, consumption, recharge time, revenue and CO2 savings

  • Customised rates, static or dynamic

  • Create user groups at special rates

  • User chat service and telephone contact

  • Allow sub-operator roles for third parties

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Fleet management

Cable Energía has a team of professionals and advanced tools of its own development which, together with various strategic alliances in the field of software and technology, allow us to offer an integral solution to cities, municipalities, communities or companies that are useful for the dynamization transport, traffic and contemplate an orderly transition towards a decarbonised future by implementing improvements to the system step by step.

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