What do I need to access Cable’s recharge services?2021-02-10T08:31:01+00:00
Charging instructions2021-02-10T08:32:13+00:00
How long does it take to charge my car?2021-02-10T08:34:40+00:00
What kind of chargers does Cable have?2021-02-10T08:35:19+00:00
What kind of connectors does Cable have?2021-02-10T08:36:25+00:00
Can I charge any model of car?2021-02-10T08:37:00+00:00
How do I locate charging stations?2021-02-10T08:38:09+00:00
How do I pay?2021-02-10T08:38:50+00:00
What is the cost of the service?2021-02-10T08:39:41+00:00
How do I contact Cable in case of incidents or questions?2021-02-10T08:40:19+00:00
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