We connect the North of Andalusia with Extremadura

This week we have closed an agreement that leads us to install our first charging point in Extremadura. Concretely in Villar de Plasencia, a village in Cáceres, just 100 km from 100 km from the capital of the province.

The charging point will be installed in the Ruta de la Plata, at the hotel-restaurant El Avión, located in the vicinity of the A-66 motorway. Therefore, this will allow drivers to avoid having to deviate from their route to recharge their electric vehicles.

The location is good, not only because of its proximity to the motorway, but also because it will serve vehicles coming from or going to the mountainous areas between Plasencia and Bejar, where the consumption of electric vehicles increases.

The charging point that will be installed is a 100 kW Raption, which will allow drivers to make a quick charge at the hotel-restaurant, where they will be able to stop while waiting.

Therefore, with this project we are connecting the north of Andalusia with Extremadura. Thus, at Cable Energía, we will join one more area, increasing the extension of our recharging network. With all this, little by little we are getting closer to our goal of connecting all of Spain and Portugal with electric vehicle chargers.

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