Investment in solar PV plants

Another line of business that Cable works on is investment in photovoltaic plants. Cable makes the investment and sells the energy at a more competitive price.

We pursue a higher penetration of renewable energy; thereupon is why we work on delivering new more efficient and sustainable energy models.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels and have any doubts, please contact us so that we can resolve them for you.

In addition, we can carry out a study of your installation in order to propose a bespoke photovoltaic installation project.

Energy storage

Our solution in certain cases has a selection of storage solutions, to store the energy produced and use it in times of need for recharging and less photovoltaic production, as well as allowing for a reduction in power maintenance costs.

Cable Energia

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These are the advantages of Distributed Renewable Energy:

On-site Energy

Distribution cost = 0 EUR
Grid investment = 0 EUR


Stability to grids at weak points

No Losses

No energy losses during transportation

Investments in the Local Economy

(No large EPCs; LOCAL companies)


Rapid implementation and construction


Lowers electricity supply and power costs through self-consumption


Enhance sustainable electricity generation

Environmental Impact

Lower environmental impact than large projects